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Welcome to the official site of Bahamas Preclearance

Bahamas Global Clearance

The Bahamas will be the first Caribbean country to launch pre-clearance from South Florida airports. Bahamian Government Customs/Immigration officials located onsite from Banyan Air Service, Sheltair Aviation, Ft Lauderdale Hollywood International and Ft Lauderdale Executive airport; will pre-clear private flights in and out of The Bahamas so that you can fly directly to your island of choice, without any additional formalities.

 U.S. Preclearance FBOs

Bahamas Customs Services

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bahamas customs logo.png

"Creating Runways in the Ocean of The Bahamas"

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Preclearance  For Boaters Coming Soon!

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Tel: 954-792-2579/954-792-9037

Fax: 954-337-2877


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